Professional Design
Designing our websites, we pay particular attention to design entirely website. Each project is created individually in accordance with the highest standards in order to best reflect the nature of the site and to ensure that all will be looking very professional.

professional design

SEO Optimisation
As a specialists in the SEO/SEM techniques we are well aware how important it is that the website has been well optimized for SEO. Therefore, each page architecture is designed to be friendly for search engines as a Google and the content will be good too.

seo optimisation

Innovative Technologies
Our websites and applications are very often equipped with the latest technologies to be sure they meet the requirements of today's internet technology. Also, many solutions that we are using are copyrighted and not used anywhere else, which makes our projects unique.

innovative technologies

Professional Design
Designing our websites, we pay particular attention to design entirely website. Each project is created individually in accordance with the highest standards in order to best reflect the nature of the site and to ensure that all will be looking very professional.

professional design




stable website
responsive website
website creation

Our brand is focused on providing solutions for individual and business customers that meet the latest standards such as responsive design, clean and stable working source code, search engine optimisation, individual design, comfort of using and many other aspects concentrated around the latest technology and maximum satisfaction of customer's expectations. The solutions that we use are recognized in the webdevlopment environment as the creative and innovative and meet all standards of proffesional webdevelopment company that we can confidently be called, for the sake of experience and knowledge that we have after many projects we done to this moment. Our websites are equipped with individual systems and alghortims and a variety of technologies, often going beyond the standards of current marketing and public solutions. Our websites new vision are centered around creativity, innovation and precision, as well as the simplicity and comfort of use, which we consider to be extremely important at our work. By combining all of these elements and aspects it was formed the perfect combination, resulting with our brand and the new dimension of creation, which never was met before. This is what enkode - websites new vision really is.



enkode company Brand "enkode - websites new vision" was initiated on 23 June 2013, in eastern Poland in response to the need for brand that combines the highest values of all local companies. The former of the brand is Sebastian Antypiuk - young and creative webdeveloper, who decided to create something that will be as an idea - the idea through the creation of something special. At the beginning brand was cooperated with local visual agency which was creating outdoor advertising such as posters, billboards e.t.c., by designing dedicated applications focused on saving time and providing comfort of cooperation between the agency and the companies fellow, taking care about positioning in Google search engine with very good results (many keywords reached the TOP 1). In this period was created our own system for monitoring the positions of websites in the Google search engine on selected phrases combined with a system of billing the customer, as well as application management campaigns of outdoor advertising for one of the most recognized shopping network in Poland - "Arhelan". With passing time, the company began to receive more requiring the highest creativity and precision enkode brand as subcontractors from another agencies and directly from business customers and individuals. Sometimes, too, that our brand in a gesture of appreciation for local artists was providing our services as websites, web hosting space or other forms of support to them. And the brand was expanding. Finally a decision was made to expand our brand to the UK, so today we can talk about the international brand. Thus on the British market enkode brand was appeared, entering a new stage of development. In the future, when the brand stabilize on the UK market, which with our experience seems to be only a matter of time, it is planned to form the brand enkode as the limited company where it will be possible to have anyone with us who would like to expand our websites new vision. We believe that today future is creating in which every customer will receive more than just a website. He will get satisfaction and performance which was never met before.
Here we are - the brand enkode. Welcome to our world!


Our works

enkode projects

Our customers often do not realize the potential that is inside designing websites and web applications such as dynamic special effects or advanced reporting everything on the page. Our websites and applications are often much more like intelligent systems than ordinary static projects. For example we was done websites that are equipped with its own CMS system customized individually for the customer, equipped with a system of artificial intelligence tracking everything that takes place on the website including even cursor mouse tracking. Based on our projects that are behind us, we can confidently say that we are only limited by the current technology available and we are specialists in what we do.



web design examples


250£ 75£

  • Template design
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Free hosting (1 year)


500£ 150£

  • As per Starter +
  • Bespoke design
  • CMS (content editor)
  • Google friendly (SEO)


1250£ 350£

  • As per Basic +
  • Mobile friendly (RWD)
  • Social Plugins
  • Multi-language texts


1750£ 500£

  • As per Business +
  • Newsletter System
  • Social media pages
  • Facebook advertising

e-commerce examples / web-shops


1500£ 450£

  • Bespoke design
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Free hosting (1 year)
  • PayPal integration


2250£ 650£

  • As per Basic +
  • Mobile friendly (RWD)
  • Google friendly (SEO)
  • Social Media integration
  • Newsletter System


4000£ 1200£

  • As per Extended +
  • Discount codes generator
  • Customer's profile base
  • Advanced Statistics inside
  • Creating a brand from scratch
  • Advertising on facebook

This price list is intended to show the costs on the examples with selected parameters, but it is not a rigid rule, which means that every valuation is treated individually and there is a possibility of any configuration of each website which we undertake and what is included there it mainly depend from the our clients. The cost of implementing web applications which structure is a bit more complex than the websites listed above, pricing is largely based on the quantity of the technology and the time needed to implement them all. However, their actual cost can be estimated at an average of 10£/hour. The cost of minor works related to the works as a dedicated graphics or programming such as modifications inside existing websites or applications are located in the same costs, although in the case of some orders we can make special discounts with individual conditions. There is also possibility to rent a web hosting or disk space from us. If you have any questions related to costs, please do not hesitate to use the contact form below to task us some questions that interest you. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.



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